Who DOESN’T Like Open Books?

Last Christmas, I may not have given you my heart – but I did, however, get something awesome from my genius Irish twin Leo.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….


A hands-free reading product
Look, Ma! No hands!

Now don’t get me wrong – I actually like holding my paperback books when I read them (because that means I can snort those pages anytime I wish; clearly, I’m addicted to that perfect ink and paper smell).  But some of the bigger, heavier books are more difficult to handle without any assistance.  At least with this doohickey, I can keep any book open with very little effort .

The Gimble in action
See how easy it is?

Frankly, I absolutely loved this thing because it made reading while commuting much easier.  It doesn’t matter what the size of your book is – the Gimble will keep that mother open.  I find that awesome, since carrying big books on the train used to be such a freaking chore – not because of the weight, but because of the way you have to hold it just so you can read while standing up and accidentally humping the person next to you (it’s an accident, ma’am; I SWEAR).

Do I recommend having one of these? Hell yeah.  I want EVERYONE to have one of these.  I may already have a Kindle, but that doesn’t mean I won’t relapse and scramble for a treebook (term courtesy of Insatiable Book Sluts).  And when I do, I absolutely need the Gimble.

Does anyone out there know of other stuff that make reading easier?  Because I’d really like to see if I can get a hold of them here.

Photos above courtesy of That Company Called If

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