Unexpected Object Lust

Have you ever seen something that’s so useless (except peripherally), but so lovely that you literally stop going about your daily life just to share it with the rest of the world?

I have.  Many times, in fact.  But this is different, I swear.

It’s custom dust jackets for Young Adult books.  And the moment I saw them, I wanted them.

(And yeah, I wanted the Etsy pin that inspired them too.  But one thing at a time, please).

Given that I’ve had trouble with people who are judgmental over book choices and my own aversion to certain types of book covers (not to mention people who try to talk to me when I’m CLEARLY trying to read), I think these dust jackets are a perfect solution.

Fun Dust Jackets for Readers
I mean, who would dare disturb you now?*

My only beef with these is that they come in just one size.  But hey, I’m sure I can modify them to suit my needs.

Which ones are your favorite?  Do you have any other ideas for dust jackets?

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Object Lust

  1. Totally genius! I have a lot of friends who read “Harry Potter” as their starter book, but were ashamed to bring it out into public. Or, I have this one book, “The Chronology of Water” (which is amazing and, even though I don’t know your reading tastes, you should at least check it out to see if you like it) and the cover of the book is a boob. A real, human lady boob. I think this is fantastic, but my manager at work didn’t, so I really could have used one of those covers. Really, my manager thought the boob was awesome, too, but she was required to tell me to cover it up. You know, legal blah blah blah.

    1. *puts The Chronology of Water in her reading list* Any book with enough balls to put a boob on its cover is DEFINITELY worth my time.

      (Also, your boss is awesome and your work rules suck.)

      Thanks for visiting! 😀

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