Writing Challenge Part 1 – Full Name

**This post was originally written back when I didn’t want to reveal my real name on this blog – back then, I went by the pen name “Ink Smith”*

In my post about my horrible writing, I mentioned a great writing challenge posted by MechanisticMoth (seriously, check that blog out).  And given the fact that I have absolutely no idea what to write for today yet, I figured I should take a page from HIS virtual notebook.

So without further delay…

Writing Challenge Part 1 – Full Name

Instead of actually telling you guys what my full name is, I’ll make you guess!

  1. My first name is pretty unique – I’m named after an Italian-Greek colony, or a Cyprian settlement.  I’m not sure which.
  2. I have a second name, a girl name which means “manly and virile”.
  3. My last name refers to a Valencian community in Villareal, Spain.

If you figure it out – please don’t steal my identity! :))

Someecard featuring a child and some text.
Okay, the kid won’t die. But I WILL give her sweets until she has cavities.

Thanks for your patience! 😀

4 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Part 1 – Full Name

  1. I’m terrible at guessing. Magna? Græcia? Tarentum? Crotone? Sybaris? Those were all totally wikipedia’d.
    Thanks for the link!

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