Writing Challenge Part 2 – Zodiac Sign

Once again, I have no idea what to write at the moment – so I’m going to do the WRITING CHALLENGE (part 1 is here).

This time around, I’m going to focus on my Zodiac sign.  Well, wish me luck and here we go.

I was born under the sign “Gemini”, which, according to Wikipedia, makes me a Geminian (yes, I know it’s awkward to read; it’s equally awkward to type).

Zodiac Sign Gemini
According to Astrology.Com, this is what its symbol looks like.

Obviously, people who discuss the Zodiac Sign Gemini often home in on the fact that it’s often associated with Twins.

Image of Twins
And who doesn’t love twins? Just look at them!

Of course, most of its emphasis on duality may come from the fact that “Gemini season” is around the point where spring turns into summer.  To be quite frank, though, I really don’t know how that’s supposed to affect me when we don’t exactly have that kind of seasonal shifting here in the Philippines.  We only have two weather flavors here:  Wet and Dry.  In fact, if we’re going to be strict about it, there are three types of weather:  Wet, Dry, and I Can’t Decide Gimme a Couple of Days.

It’s lovely here, though.

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether or not I live in the same kind of climate the astrology sites use to explain the duality; either way, I’m STILL suffering from multiple personality disorder.  It all comes from being a Geminian, which apparently values change and versatility.  And possibly con artistry.  I haven’t tested that one out yet, not consciously.

Before I end this post, I’d like to clarify that I don’t exactly believe that the Zodiac can determine your future in the strictest sense.  I mean, MAYBE they have some effect on the kind of personality you’ll have, which in turn can be a predictor of what you’re likely to do in certain situations.  But for solid prediction of your fortune?  I really doubt that.

Clearly, Tarot cards are better.

PS:  It is interesting to note that everyone in my nuclear family, save for my incredibly talented younger sister, is a Gemini.  That we haven’t driven that poor Virgo insane is a miracle.

What do you think?

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