What Are You Working on Right Now?

I’ve had a lot of time to think lately, if only because it’s near the end of the month/quarter at work and that generally means that I have the fortune of having a fairly relaxed schedule.  And what I realized is that I’ve got a LOT of writing plans this year.  Among other things:

  • I’m working on what you might call a gaslamp fantasy novel (it MIGHT become a series somewhere down the road); I’m plotting it out right now and wondering if I should start writing it now or wait for NaNoWriMo.
  • I’m trying to improve my poetry, and (I am warning you right now) I’m contemplating participating in NaPoWriMo.  It’s probably ill-advised that I try it, but I can try.
  • At the same time, I’m tinkering with a short story idea for and end of the world anthology here in the Philippines.  Basically involving a love story and a library.
  • I realize I’m in way over my head, considering I have a day job (which I love so very much).
  • At which point, I barely resist crying because I want to do EVERYTHING I PLANNED, on time.
Written in Blood
I haven’t written anything yet and the paper’s ALREADY bloodied.

With that done, I’ve re-prioritized my goals based on urgency (advice of my poetically-inclined friend P).  So basically, I’m putting emphasis on that apocalypse story (because that one actually has a deadline) and celebrating NaPoWriMo by revising the one poem I posted so far in this blog.  Save for the one or two last tweaks I’m doing in the plotting of the novel, which I can finish in about two hours, I’ll work on nothing but that one story and that one poem this April.

But enough about me.  What are YOU guys working on right now?  A poem?  A short story?  A novel?  Are you writing within a genre or are you going for something more general?

And if you’re allowed to write that with any author or poet you want, who will it be?  (I’d like to write poems with Sylvia Plath and short stories with Jim Butcher, in case you’re wondering.)  I’d like to hear from you guys. 🙂

4 thoughts on “What Are You Working on Right Now?

  1. Sounds like you are keeping yourself plenty busy!

    I’m currently working on rewrites for both of my completed novels. The first is a Y/A high fantasy with ties to a character in the real world. I decided to expand the modern character’s part, and put her chapters into first person POV. After experimenting with 8-10 chapters, I’ve decided I like it better, so I plan to continue the project.

    There were a couple things I decided to change with my second novel. I just finished switching the beginning chapters around a bit. I thought the story structure was off, and it bothered me. I’m also tweaking a character’s motivation… if that makes any sense. He will end up in the same place, but the build-up to that point needed work. Once all that is done, I’ll have to leave the manuscript alone for a week or so. That gives my brain time to re-set, so I can read it over with a fresh eye.

    I am planning sequels to both these novels, so later on, I would like to get some more outlining done on these projects. But my biggest task this year is still going to be working on this “social networking” thing. Blogging, twittering, facebook. I’m still not keeping up very well. I have to keep at it till I find my groove, I guess!

    Laura Ritchie

    1. First, character motivation tweaks make a lot of sense – motivation in many ways DEFINE character, which in turn can make or break certain genre plots. Second, you’re pretty busy too. 😀

      What I’m having trouble with is the POV thing. How does one go about figuring out if they’re better at writing first-person or third-person? And does that help or harm the core of your ideas?

      1. You’ve mentioned Jim Butcher’s writing info. I read through his stuff, and laughed when he said that people who could write well in third person were weird.

        I have always written in third person, (It probably comes from reading romance novels since I was 13 yrs old!) but I actually use an intimate third person, rather than an omniscient POV. It’s what I’m comfortable with. However, I still decided to switch things in my first work because the story seemed to call for it. The girl in the modern world is my main character, and you find out she is retelling the stories from the other place. I thought the whole thing would tie to her better if you got to see her personal life in first person.

        As far as figuring it out goes, I don’t know why third person comes easier to me. It just did. But I learned, whether it’s my favorite or not, I need to use the POV that best tells my story.


      2. I only asked about figuring it out because I think I suck at both first person AND third person (it may be just my inner critic, though). I tend to like writing in the third person, but sometimes I get a better writing flow with first person (depending on the story – so you’re right about what the story calls for). I guess my real problem is that I’m never really comfortable with any of the POV’s, and I think that’s part of what affects my writing. ^^;

        That being said, maybe my reading preferences can better inform my eventual choice of POV for this short story I’m writing, the way your reading experiences influenced your affinity with third person narratives.

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