Stories that Give Me Hope

It’s a Tuesday here in the Philippines and, for many people, it’s the first day of work this week – yesterday was a national holiday.  As such, as a friend on Twitter pointed out, people might be feeling a wee bit grumpy right now – it’s so easy to have weekend hangover after a long weekend.  That’s why I think it’s wonderful that today (of all days) I ran across some feel-good readings that make me feel all wonderful about the human race.  Not only do they make me feel better (although to be honest my bitterness mostly comes from the fact that I didn’t get to enjoy the long weekend – my shift is from Tuesday to Saturday), but I’m sure that other people will find them uplifting as well.

That being said, there’s no rule stating that only people who are feeling grumpy deserve the benefits of stories filled with hope.  Which is why I’m posting them here, where other less grumpy people might be able to find them.

Stories you love to read
Or, at the very least, they’ll make you cry in all the best ways.

6 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity – Cracked rarely does posts that I find truly touching (though I LOVE this site).  But when they do, oh MAN.  They are awesome.

The Route 29 Batman – Admittedly, I found this on the Cracked article.  But Cracked didn’t do this story justice.  And as a superhero nerd, I am especially vulnerable to stories like this.

A Father’s Love – Posted by somebody in one of my social networks, this turned me into a weeping mess.  More men should be like this.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! 🙂

What do you think?

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