Writing Challenge 5 – My Best Friend

Right.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m planning to (finally) finish the Writing Challenge originally posted by Mechanistic Moth.  At the moment, I’ve only managed to complete four – this is the fifth.  Here’s hoping I manage to finish this by the year’s end! :))

Now here’s a REAL challenge for me because it wants me to post about my best friend.  My problem with it is that it’s so hard to pick.  I have many people in my life, different circles of friends, and various people whose influence and support I value.  It frankly took me a long time to figure out who can best encompass the definition of “best friend” as I comprehend it, but I eventually came to the conclusion that there is basically one person who’s presence in my life is important.

It’s my younger sister.

My sister and myself - best friends forever
We were adorable children. Our mother must have been proud.

Apart from having shared a ridiculous fondness for silly and admittedly geeky t-shirts (I rocked that Ghostbusters shirt long before she did), we also had the benefit of having spent most of our formative years together despite the two-year age difference.  That’s because a.) we went to the same all-girls school and ended up with the same circle of friends, b.) I screwed up my third year in high school and had to repeat a year, and c.) we both have an appreciation for stories.  Admittedly, we tend to focus on different issues – as far as I could figure, she’s excited by concepts and how well they are executed in different media while I’m more of a genre convention girl who likes to analyze why certain storytelling methods work in some genre/media, but not others.

We made up stories together while growing up, and these days we find ourselves engaging in many conversations that range from the silly (typically to do with our cats) to the intellectually charged (yesterday, we were talking about story point of views and the genres where they’re best applied).  We tend to make up characters together – hers are always cooler – and she has a talent for art that’s so mind-blowing that I DON’T EVEN…

Work drawn by sister
She made this OVER FOUR YEARS AGO for Valentines Day. And her skills have since improved.

I think of her as the quiet eye in the storm of Geminis (and one Aquarian) that make up our rather loud modern family.  She’s one of the very few people in my life who can, with a few words, put everything into perspective without being offensive.

How lucky am I, then, that’s she’s my sister and we’re bound by blood? 🙂

What about you guys?  Who do you consider your best friend?

What do you think?

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