Writing Challenge 12 – Something I Really, Really Want

This is another doozy. Something I really want? SINGULAR? I really, really want lots of things. Sleep. Enough money to buy a home that’s mostly made up of a library. More time and energy than I actually need to READ ALL THE BOOKS.

Thomas William Hiddleston
And the opportunity to meet this guy. Obviously (thanks again, Wikipedia!)

This writing challenge is turning out to be more torturous than I thought. How do I pick? Aren’t there any parameters here? Can’t whoever made this challenge list be more specific? Do you want me to just say that I want “world peace” just to get it over with? Because yeah, world peace is nice; but what in heaven’s name is that if you want to apply it to EVERYONE?

Palm to my face, I try to block out my own horribleness.
I might be the only person I know who can ruin world peace for other people.

That said, if I have to pick…

Oh god I can’t. How does anyone do this? Okay. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes and go with the first thing that comes to mind…

Thomas William Hiddleston

What do you think?

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