Writing Challenge 14 – The Meaning Behind My URL

This is an interesting question – what IS the meaning behind my URL? Why choose the phrase “reading in between” for my blog?

Let me admit a little something to you: it’s because I thought it sounded cool. And accurate. Having been a literature major, reading in between the lines has become a habit that I really couldn’t kick. As a life-long reader, I tend to fill up major lulls (like train rides, lines at the bank, and my lunch period) with reading material. If I don’t have a book with me, then I at least have my Kindle. I have a small mountain of books waiting to rise from beneath the bed; a quarter of which need to be read. That’s because I’m deathly afraid of running out of things to read.

Tall book stack
All the books I can’t finish is better than no books at all. Image from http://sxc.hu

Once upon a time, I actually had an about page for this blog that tried to explain the URL. Except the reason I put there wasn’t the real reason why this blog is called “Reading in Between”. Please don’t ask me what I wrote there. I have erased the precise wording from my brain, and all I can say about the matter is that it was incredibly pretentious. My only excuse for having done that is my desire to sound serious and legitimate.

Ha. It took me several hiatuses (or is it hiati? how do you pluralize “hiatus”?) to realize that I’m really not the serious expression type. Don’t get me wrong; I take a lot of things seriously. I just don’t express myself with amazing depth the way the Maria Popovas and the Diane Ackermans of the world do. It makes me a little sad, but relieved too.

Hm. This reminds me – I really should do a new about page for this blog…

What do you think?

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