Writing Challenge 15 – My Favorite Movies

My FAVORITE movies? Is this challenge trying to kill me? Does the person who originated it realize how hard it actually is enumerate ALL of a person’s favorite movies, especially when said person was raised on movies, TV, and comics? I mean, it’s not impossible; but it DID take me a while to figure out how I’m going to tackle this without churning out a ridiculously long post.

Thankfully, I started out by wondering how I felt about all this and realized that my favorite movies tended to change based on my mood. And, incidentally, my geeky upbringing made me tend to like grouping my movies. So, without further ado, here are my favorite movies (based on mood).

A movie screen
I can’t decide what to watch…Image from http://sxc.hu

ALL the Movies in the MCU (Fun Mood)

If I’m  in the mood for some absolute fun, then my favorite movies have got to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Admittedly, they’re not perfect – some less perfect than others (I didn’t care much for or you, Iron Man 2; thankfully, Avengers and Iron Man 3 more than made up for that). But you really can’t deny the fun factor of this series. The best part is that, in general, you don’t feel like you’re being condescended to even if you’re watching stuff that people generally think requires turning your brain off.

ALL the Disney/Pixar Movies (Hopeful Mood)

Whenever I want to recapture that childlike hope I have for the rest of humanity, I go for at least one of these movies. With them, I find it much easier to believe in the power of good. The villains are vanquished, the heroes have happy endings, and kindness conquers all. Huzzah! I don’t care about the fact that there may be some disturbing aspects to some of these movies; all I care about is that Mr. Incredible became truly incredible again when he put things into perspective and that Wreck-It Ralph is a bad guy who isn’t really a BAD guy.

ALL the Nolan’s Movies (Thinking Mood)

When I feel like exercising my brain muscles, I pick up something by Christopher Nolan. This really shouldn’t need too much of an explanation; that man is known for making immensely intelligent but accessible films. Every time I watch one of his movies, I notice some detail that I’ve never noticed before. I become absorbed every single time. It’s wonderful.

Bonus: ALL the Musicals (Singing Mood)

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m Filipino or if because I’m a product of two families that have massive appreciation for music, but I really freaking love singing. I sing in the shower. I sing while walking through the streets of Mandaluyong and Quezon City (sorry, mom; you have a weird elder daughter). And, given my absolute love for narrative, songs that support stories inspire a whole lot of devotion in me. So when I feel like singing along to something, I just grab The Producers or Chicago or any of the musical movies I have on hand.

I’m still holding out for a WICKED film, though.

What do you think?

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