Three Local Indie Films that Deserve Promotion

It may not seem apparent most of the time, but I’m a big fan of local talent – and it occurs to me that I haven’t been giving them much kudos on this blog, even if they happen to be films that deserve promotion. Fortunately, my Facebook feed had reminded me that there are people whose work I want to reach EVERYONE. And I think they need as much support as possible. So if you happen to have some extra cash/have extra time/think these are cool too, please help fund/promote these movies. Let’s throw as much support/money as we can behind these! 😀

1.) Untitled Superhero Movie

Pinoy geek extraordinaire Carljoe Javier mentioned offhand on one of our social networks that he was working on something amazing – and indeed he was. They showed the teaser for the project at the Summer Komikon, and let me just say that it’s looking good so far:

If you want to help make this movie happen, please CONTRIBUTE HERE or get your rich friends to throw money at it.

2.) Ang Maskot (The Mascot)

Its trailer also revealed at the Summer Komikon, this film adaptation of the local indie comic has some star power supporting its already-entertaining plot. It may not LOOK like it needs a lot of support, but I personally think that people should give it a little more publicity.

Keep sharing this trailer!

3.) Saving Sally

I saved this for last because this is quite possibly the PRETTIEST of the films listed here. It’s also the one that I believe is worth the most money because it has a really good story and a very solid vision of what it’s supposed to look like. I think this definitely deserves to have ALL THE MONEY thrown at it.

Please make sure this film doesn’t run out of funds by visiting its official site.

What do you think?

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