Writing Challenge 28 – My Pets

My pets are, technically, the FAMILY PETS – which basically means that they aren’t mine exclusively. Still, I love them to bits and think of them as mine. 🙂

The pets in question are CATS; and officially, we have three of them – the ones designated as “indoor” cats. In reality, the number of animals that we feed at any given time is closer to TWENTY. I can’t list all twenty cats here, so for the sake of my and yours, I’ll just have to limit this list to the kitties that stay INSIDE our home.

So wanna meet our feline family members?

1.) Itim/Ninja 

Itim the Black Kitty
It’s me again!

I’ve talked about Itim/Ninja before. He’s the darling boy who likes playing fetch, and the cat whose photo is very difficult to take. My sister saw him on a street when he was extremely young and, because it was clear that he was alone, picked him up. She was worried that he’ll have trouble getting nutrition. Then he ate EVERYTHING. He’s our heaviest house cat.

2.) Davi

Davi the Marmalade Kitty
Stay right there…

Davi is also a stray, and is the most NEUROTIC of the cats we have – which is why she can never be an “outside kitty”. Mind you, it’s not all her fault. We took her to this one vet to get spayed, and it turns out that he didn’t take out ALL the bits he should have. This means that the poor girl still goes into heat (even though she can’t get pregnant). She doesn’t like touching, unless she initiates it.

3.) Curiosity

Curiosity the Matron Kitty
Let me purr at you some more.

Curiosity is our oldest cat. Truth be told, we never actually had house cats until she showed up as a kitten in our front lawn, ingratiated herself to us by HISSING at everyone, and then getting herself run over by a car the moment we decide that she’s healthy enough to survive with other cats. Not-so-smart she may have been, but she’s a champion purrer.


What do you think?

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