Happy Birthday, Geek Who Spawned Me!

Yep, today’s my Dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, geek who spawned me! 😀

Many of you who have been following my blog probably know by now that my father cultivated his children’s inner geek by letting us learn how to read through old comics, introducing us to the work of Neil Gaiman AND Alan Moore, being responsible for the big honking book collection we have at home (to be fair, mom helped by commissioning a big honking book shelf for them), marathoning Dr. Who and Sherlock with us, taking ridiculously immense pride in our weirdness, and geek ranting with us on a near-weekly basis.

A caricature sketch of my Dad
A likeness of Daddy, care of the talented Mr. Mario Monteagudo. 🙂

I love you Daddy, as only a geek daughter can love her geek dad. Hope you have a happy birthday, and see you over the weekend!


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