Writing Challenge 38 – My Favorite Food

Oh man, I don’t know what my favorite food is. I mean sure, there are things that I like to eat; but the “raaaaaaar gimme gimme or I will die” feeling really depends on my mood. Sometimes I want something extremely greasy. Sometimes I want something clean-tasting. Sometimes, I want non-greasy comfort food. And I never really know when they’re going to strike my fancy.


So I guess I’m just going to have to compromise and give you a list of my go-to food.


Medium Rare Steak


Carne para cuatro, servida poco hecha, en el r...
My inner carnivore is drooling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I didn’t start out liking steak; I found it too greasy or too dry. But that was before people introduced me to restaurants that actually knew how to cook these beautiful pieces of meat. Apparently, they are extremely tender and juicy in the most heavenly way if you cook it medium rare. Unfortunately, I think that takes some talent. Ah, well. I guess I just have to keep throwing money at chefs.




Sushi Sashimi Platter at Suzuran Japan Foods T...
These sea creatures did not die in vain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It all started as a bit of fun, really. I liked anime. I wanted to eat what those characters ate. I would order the odd cheap sushi and sashimi platter. Then all of a sudden, people started setting up some genuinely good (and fairly affordable) Japanese restaurants that showed me what REAL sushi tastes like. And now I actively crave for these things every once in a while. Especially when there’s uni (urchin) available.




Caesar Salad
I indulge my inner herbivore too (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Before you suspect that I only enjoy my food when it involves the death of animals, I’d like to point out that I have my salad days too. Sometimes, I don’t feel like having a whole lot of protein (stop laughing, perverts!), so I look for the greenest, leafiest dish that’s offered on the menu and order that. It’s light, it’s refreshing, and – contrary to what many people say – it can be filling too.


Original Buko Pie


Photo of the only coconut pie that counts
This is the only coconut pie that deserves to be called coconut pie. (Image from Orient Buko Pie Facebook Page)


You know that line “once you go black, you’ll never go back”? A similar sentiment can be applied to this pie. I bought some of this stuff on a whim while I was on my way home from an out-of-town roadtrip, and now I’m willing to pester my family to drive about three hours out of town just to buy at least six boxes of this stuff. It’s so good that people line up for it. If you come to the Philippines, look for this shop. It will change your life.



Perfect sick day/rainy day food. (Image from iskandals.com)


I’ve always been a sickly person, and I often suffer from stomach problems. On days when it gets especially bad (or when it’s just really rainy), I often crave for this dish. Sometimes, we make this from home; other times, when I’m with my dad, he goes out to the market to buy some of this comforting deliciousness. The best part really is the tripe. People may disagree, but I stand by my conviction on this.

There are tons of other food out there that I go out of my way for on a regular basis; but these are the really big ones. Someday, I might write a story incorporating every dish I’ve ever loved and have the main character fall into a fatal torpor. What a good way to die.


What do you think?

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