Happy Birthday, My Irish Twin!

It’s my brother Leo’s birthday! Happy birthday, my Irish twin!

Funny, science-y, and a well of seemingly rational patience (I’m his older sister; I know better), I’d like to posit that my brother is the sanest Gemini I know. That isn’t to say he’s completely sane. There was a point in his childhood during which I was pretty sure that he’d turn out to be some sort of mad scientist. Later on, I thought he might grow up to be Dr. Gregory House. I was wrong on both counts – he became an editor/administrator for some online marketing company, who also happens to be taking up a master’s degree in business economics. This, after years of going to a science high school and a scholarship for taking up molecular biology in college. Dare I mention that he’s shown high aptitude for science, economics, AND writing?

My genius brother Leo!
This face is the face of a genius. (Image courtesy of Neil Yamatot)

He also sings very well, and is creative in the best and most surprising ways. Dad once had to point out (in front of dozens of people), after we siblings were introduced as “the scientist and the two creative girls”) that ALL three of us are creative. He’s right. Just as mom is right to be ridiculously proud of this guy from day 1. Heck, we’re all proud of him.

Happy birthday, Leo! Good luck on the test (yes, he has a test today)! And eat all the things (you’re getting thin again!

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