Writing Challenge 44 – My Favorite Blogs

I’ve never really thought about what my favorite blogs are, considering the fact that I do a massive amount of reading for both my job and my leisure time. I mostly rely on Feedly or my social networks to provide me with articles that I might find interesting. Figuring out which sites could be considered my favorites (at least, at this moment) required me to be more conscious of the sites from which my favorite blog posts tend to come from. Based on that, I came up with a short list of the sites I blog sites I like most.

English: Blogs on JoopeA
Okay, not exactly MY blogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Passive Voice

I admit that this is a bit of a cheat. The Passive Voice often shares articles from OTHER resources, most of which discuss the state of the publishing industry and potential ramifications for self-publishers. More often than not, I find myself clicking on the source material just so I can read the whole article there. Still, I rely on Passive Guy to give me a heads-up on those pieces. I insist on thinking of him as the best online curator of this type of information.

Bottled Worder

Sometimes, it can be really hard to pull myself away from the rush of everyday life. One of the few things that can pull me away from that is the prose of Bottledworder. I don’t know what it is about the writing, but something about the way thoughts are distilled in this site forces me to slow down ad just BREATHE. I find that reading the posts here allows me to take a few moments to really notice some things that I’ve been missing. I have this impression that the blogger’s a priestess of some kind.

The Terrible Minds Blog

Writer Chuck Wendig is a supreme pen monkey whose thoughts I truly respect – I may not agree with everything he says, but I respect his ability to argue with clarity and intelligence. It also helps that he’s funny as heck. The blog attached to his main site Terrible Minds is a great source of motivation for writing, if only because it shows you that you can make excuses to write instead of making excuses to not write.

On Writing – Adventuring in the Writing World

I came across Rebecca “RJ” Blain in Google Plus, while I was looking for people and communities who are very much into the art of serious writing. At first, I just followed her G+ posts, but I eventually found myself drawn to her blog – where she often talks about the writing and editing process, as well as the importance of making some real investments when it comes to writing the stories you want to write. Her practical approach to writing fantasy? INSPIRING.

Signals to Attend

Chicago teacher and artist David Marshall has extremely delicious thoughts that put me in some of the best contemplative moods in my life, which is why I’m always happy whenever he has a new post on his blog Signals to Attend. His posts on education, the value of humanities (particularly literature) in the world, and the power of story always makes me feel like I’m a part of something wonderful and meaningful.

Heroes and Heartbreakers

I’m not all about reading about serious writing or stuff that inspire introspection, you know – I happen to also like reading stuff that’s bloody freaking fun. That’s where Heroes and Heartbreakers comes in. As a big romance fan, I like seeing what other romance fans are excited about. I also like seeing them dissect what does and does not work for them in a romantic story. To me, this site is living, breathing proof that intelligence can be applied to love stories.

Well, that’s my list of favorite blogs. What blogs do YOU like reading? Do you have blogs you can recommend to me?

What do you think?

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