On Being Content

See what I did there? I write content for a living and I’m fairly contented with my job and…you know what, never mind. I just realized how lame the title is when I tried to explain it.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not serious. If there’s something I learned over the last couple of days, it’s that I’m comfortable with helping other people generate and make use of decent (if not good) articles copy that will hopefully help them build their authority in the web. Sure, working on three projects at once because everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW and dealing with administrative tasks can really be stressful – my mother already told me that rubbing my back is like strumming a guitar now – but at the end of the day, I get to work with words. I’m pretty sure that not everyone gets to work with something that they care deeply about, so this obviously means that I’m one of those ridiculously lucky people that some less fortunate folk love to hate.

English: Contented Charolais
Look at those cows being so content. Don’t you just want to kill them and eat them? Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While it DOES bother me that some people dislike me on principle for being the fortunate female that I am, I still can’t help but be grateful. I do work that, in its own way, gives me substance as a human being (on top of feeding me and my family delicious treats on very special occasions). Laugh at me if you must, but I genuinely think I’m helping people – I’m helping them become visible in the ways they want, I’m helping them look GOOD when people actually find them – and that’s just the clients. My “long career” in this industry has given me the opportunity to help others gain a better understanding of writing for SEO, a better sense of clarity and cohesion in their writing, a better idea of what being in the content business means. I think this may have something to do with the fact that the people on my mother’s side have this weird desire to educate people without necessarily being teachers by profession.

Before you ask – yes, I considered being a teacher. Then I realized that I’m not exactly a people person and promptly changed my mind.

I also think that working where I have worked over the last few years has pushed me into knowing myself better. I know that I can, if REALLY needed, learn to love new things I never thought I would. YES, MICROSOFT EXCEL, I’m looking at you. I’ve also realized that I’m perfectly fine with being buried in an avalanche of copyediting and reporting tasks, as well as meetings that extend well past the end of my shift, as long as I can work with people I respect and people who respect me in return. The salary helps, but it’s seriously more about the respect for the work that we do. I guess that’s why I tend to go ballistic when I find people who think that doing my job is just a matter of throwing words on a page. That’s why I have little patience for people who act like I’m being a Queen Bitch who likes destroying “their masterpieces” whenever I try to offer them constructive criticism. That’s why I often try to restrain myself from verbally bitchslapping people who insist that their badly-written articles are worth $10. That said, despite all that itchy, burning rage that I imagine to be akin to some of the more annoying venereal diseases – that’s how they feel like, right? – I am content.

Random deity willing, I hope that I can stay in the content business until I decide that writing racy fantasy novels can be more lucrative. Until then I’m just going to sit in my office and silently judge the bad grammar on some websites. While eating the ice cream that an On-Page SEO expert/professor bought the whole team (thanks, Ron! We’ll miss you!).

PS: I don’t judge grammar and spelling on social media, nor do I judge them in normal conversation. I only judge them if you get them published on something official LIKE A BUSINESS BLOG. Please, don’t do it. This is a public service message from your friendly neighborhood copywriter.

What do you think?

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