Happy Birthday, Nerd Who Spawned Me!

It’s my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday, nerd who spawned me! Yes, I know we already celebrated this yesterday; that doesn’t change the fact that her birthday is TODAY, though.

I may not talk about her as much as I do my dad on this blog (because I know she stalks it and I’m a little embarrassed), but she really is worth talking about. See, what I haven’t really made clear here is that the reason why I’m so weird is not just because my Dad is an Elder Geek – it’s because my mom is a Major Nerd too. Take, for example, why we couldn’t full-on celebrate her birthday today: it’s because she has work to do. Work that lets her think. Work that lets her dissect marketing research so she can help clients figure out marketing opportunities and advertising strategies. Work that has her hogging the dining table outside of mealtimes so she and my sister can obsess over information, lots and lots of information. My mom is working today because her work gives her an excuse to STUDY. She’s probably the reason why I found Literary Theory amazing – I inherited part of that nerd gene.

Me and the siblings with mom at a wedding.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! (photo from Facebook)

Might I also note that her nerdiness is part of why she’s so AWESOME at making PowerPoint presentations? And that she’s probably the most stylish nerd I know? 😀

I’ll see you at home, mom 🙂

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