Are Writers Really So Sickly?

I understand that this whole thing could be a fallacious assumption, but I’m starting to wonder if more than 50% of writers all over the world are actually sickly. It’s just that in my experience, many people who find themselves drawn to the profession or calling of writing seem to be people who have either major health issues or minor health issues that can be more than a little persistent.

For example, I often find myself the victim of bronchial asthma (for extreme temperature changes that come with changing weather conditions), allergic reactions (to dust, cantaloupe, and I’m not sure what else), and acid reflux (from what seems to be random foodstuff). I know writers who are also asthmatic, also allergic to certain things, also have bad reaction to food. Some even have severe migraines.

I still look like this, but female and closer to Walking Dead levels. (Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov)

My theory is that people who have weak bodies tend to live in their heads, and that’s a prerequisite for writerly temperament. People such as myself, who spent most of their childhood in bed trying to breathe, probably found most entertainment through stories – whether they are from books, television, or any other resource. When we run out of those resources, we often resort to our own minds, which will then occupy us until we either find another source of stories or fall asleep again. Of course, that’s just my take on things. I could be wrong.

What do YOU think? Are sickly people (or people who have a history of sickliness) more inclined to become writers?

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