Things to Do When My Energy Is Spent

Day Four of being really, really sick. I managed to get back into the office (I’ve been back there since yesterday), and do some catching up with the tasks I needed to complete. In case you haven’t been sick in a while (or have never ever been sick – in which case I have to say that I hate you so much right now), I’d like to explain that putting what little energy you didn’t spend on fighting off a virus into time-sensitive tasks turns you into a husk of a human being.

By the time I’ve finished doing all the urgent things, I’m left without a clue as to what to do next. That is to say, I’m left with NOTHING TO DO THAT I CAN’T MAJORLY FUCK UP.

Me, running out of things to do? PLEASE. I said I finished doing all the URGENT things. Nowhere did I say that I have absolutely nothing to do. That’s impossible. The universe keeps throwing work at me (for which I am glad, because that’s how I could afford sushi once in a while).

I’d try to sleep off the virus, except my body has decided that running out of energy doesn’t necessarily mean that it will let me slip into glorious slumber. Oh no. It wants me to suffer.

So instead of trying to figure out how to get my work done for the next day or trying to catch up with my own writing, this is what I do:

I wish to God that this would happen instead.

1. Play Criminal Case on Facebook

2. Play Full Bloom on Facebook

3. Stare unseeing at the computer screen

4. Hallucinate Will Graham-style

5. Pretend that I’m not seeing livestock from the corner of my eye, the way I do when my flu medication kicks in 

I’m afraid I can’t be more specific than that. ><



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