Considering the Possibility of a Fanfiction Friday

Remember my birthday week, when I asked people to give me prompts? First of all: THANK YOU FOR THAT, MY FRIENDS! They were awesome ❤

Second: I realized that the results of most of the prompts I’d been given could actually count as fanfiction. And I loved writing them. I’d forgotten how much fun writing that stuff could be.

Third: Since I think that writing fanfiction can contribute to success, it occurred to me that I maybe I should do this on a more regular basis.

Hence, I’m considering the possibility of having a Fanfiction Friday thing for this blog. Not to be confused with the Fan Fiction Friday of Topless Robot, THIS particular FF Friday will just be my horrible attempts at fanfic (as if my horrible attempts at fiction weren’t enough). More often than not, they will be drabbles. Sometimes, they might be chapters of a longer-running fic. If I’m lazy, I’ll probably just throw in something short and silly like a poem or a song parody dedicated to my random fandom.

Of course, I don’t know if this is going to be a good idea. Given that I’m already busy with a lot of other things. And the fact that I’m thinking about this while I’m still high on cough medication.

I really suck
I really do.


What do YOU guys think?

2 thoughts on “Considering the Possibility of a Fanfiction Friday

  1. I say go for it. OuO

    On the condition that you don’t get too hard on yourself if you somehow end up missing some Fridays because life happened, k? XDDD *hugs*

    But seriously. I just think that you should do more of what makes you happy, and if you had fun with the little bits of fanfiction during your birthday week, then by all means, make more of it. ^__^

    1. Ahahahahaha oTL Oh yeah, I DO tend to punish myself for not hitting deadlines.

      That said, part of the point of this blog is “forcing Elea to write more stuff she cares about”. Including rants. And homages to great fiction. XD

      One day, I can write great Hannibal fanfiction. But not yet. Because Bryan Fuller just made it so awesome that I don’t think anything I write would be a real tribute to it. ;A;


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