Narrative Disappointments and How They Inspire Fiction

Not long after finished typing the last few sentences of my previous post, I began to wonder about my surprisingly strong desire to write an original(?) story that would make my ire over “Man of Steel” less painful. I mean, you’d think that it would inspire writing fanfiction, right? A good number of fic authors I know started writing fanfiction because the show or story they liked so much didn’t turn out the way they hoped.  Heck, I used to write fanfiction because I liked some fanon details better than I did canon details. So why exactly am I compelled to write ORIGINAL fiction in response to this particular disappointment?

I need a new notebook for this. DAMN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not the only one

I vaguely remember a friend of mine telling me (while we were talking about writing) that part of his reason for writing his story is the fact that his favorite stories had to end – and that he was disappointed that they did. So he started writing an epic that will likely continue to let you know what’s happened to which characters for as long as possible. I think it’s awesome that he writes partly because of that. I also think it’s awesome that he has the balls to publish it, because I’m frankly too chicken to publish any of my own work.

By the by, if you’re interested in reading his work, you can find it on Wattpad. I think it has a promising premise, and I hope he gets the feedback he needs (as close to professional as possible) to maybe make this publish-worthy for the mass market.

Meanwhile, I’m also sure that he and I aren’t the only ones to want to do this. For example, I get the really weird feeling that lots of other authors found inspiration from disappointment in something that went down in stories that they would like. I can’t think of any of them right now, but I’m sure they exist. If you know any of them, would you mind sharing their names with me? I’m really interested to see their work. I’d like to know if being disappointed makes writing better or worse (or if it just depends on the writer).

My theory on why I went original instead of fanfic

I’m either too proud or too scared.

That is to say, I think I’m more inclined to stroke my own ego right now by saying “oh, you think THAT is the way to write a superhero story in general? here’s how I’d do it! watch the master!” I’m not sure why I’m presuming I’m the master of anything, though, because I can’t even find my way home sometimes without having to ask someone who I hope wouldn’t mug me. Maybe I’m just less willing to use existing characters to make a point these days, because part of me feels that I can make a point with my OWN characters.

I’m more likely scared, though. Think about it – what started all this is that I was angry over how people didn’t get Superman (and narrative in general) in “Man of Steel”. Superman is a HUGE, iconic character. To take him on is difficult, no doubt about that. If I even TRY writing a story about Clark/Kal El, it would be suicide. Lots have people have already done it. And I’m sure that they’ve done it BETTER than I ever will. So instead of aiming to write a better Supes story than Snyder et al, I’ll just write something new

I really suck
I really do.

Wow. I think I need to have another drink.


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