Fanfiction Friday: The Holmes Home

“That means he didn’t kill her.”

Mrs. Holmes gave him a look. “Of course he didn’t, dear. JOHNSON killed her.”

We eventually got the police to come down and charge Montrue – whose real name is apparently Carraway – with fraud, among other things, and we were set to hunt down Mr. Johnson.

Except – and this is a bit of a kicker – he showed up at the bed and breakfast.  Mrs. Holmes seems to be the only one who expected it, because she was ready with a taser when it happened. It turns out that he and Carraway were planning to run off together with the money made from selling the vineyard.  Sherlock’s mum pointed out that it was obvious, based on some of the postcards, that the two men fell in love with each other over the course of the deception – and that Carraway had come clean about a month before. Johnson was the sort of person who didn’t mind that kind of thing.

It was clear that they decided Adelpha – or whoever she was – got in the way of their relationship. They wanted her gone.

What do you think?

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