Just Watched: Pacific Rim

As you know by now, I watched the movie Pacific Rim over the weekend. What you probably don’t know is how much I freaking loved it. In fact, I’m finding it hard to articulate how blown away I am by this film.

It was larger than life, but it also projected a great deal of humanity (albeit in the form of stereotypes; but hey, this is an ACTION MOVIE) – the good bits, the bad bits, and everything in between. It’s action-packed, but it also made sure that the action is firmly anchored in what’s going on in the plot (as flimsy as it is). The story is simple, but that just made it easier for many people to focus on it.

People may not agree with me (and they DO have a point), but I’m going to say it anyway: Pacific Rim is a movie more than worth watching.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to explain why. Which means SPOILERS SPOILERS RUN AWAY!!!

Don’t click over to the next page if you haven’t watched this yet.

Pacific Rim Poster
*Insert kick-ass rock music here* (from Wikipedia)

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