You’re Awesome Because You Suck and You Know It

I had a revelation over the weekend – I’m awesome because I know that I suck in general. Seriously, that’s what makes me awesome.

Many people don’t want to admit to the world that they suck, but I find it so inescapable that I don’t even bother denying it. I’m horrible at a lot of things. I can be a really terrible person. I’m not even the best writer in the world ever and I still sometimes tell people how to write better. It’s why I have this repeating image on my blog:

I really suck
I really do.

I’m really not all that good at a bunch of stuff. But – and here’s the important part – I’ve learned to recognize it and do something about it if I don’t particularly like being sucky at something. I don’t always succeed. In fact, I often fail. But in doing something about it, I feel awesome and therefore become awesome.

I know people out there are also awesome because they recognize their own suckiness and use that to better themselves. But I think far too many folk just declare themselves infallible and refuse to believe that they make any sort of mistake in their lives. They just insist that they are THE BEST at something and conclude that they don’t need to improve themselves because of it. They’re already perfect and all that crap, despite the fact that we all know that nobody is really perfect at anything.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that people are expected to look like they don’t put much effort into anything or that they don’t really care about stuff (because that’s how you prove you’re cool), but I think that’s really harming a lot of us now. If we refuse to acknowledge our failings, won’t we doom ourselves into making the same mistakes that land us in trouble over and over again? If we don’t take the time to know why we suck, don’t we lose the ability to become better people? Hell, doesn’t the word “better” trump “best” because the former at least gives you something to look forward to, while the latter only promises many attempts by other people to knock you off the top?

Listen to me, people. You’re not awesome because you beat everyone else in the world at something. You’re awesome because you suck and you know it. You’re awesome because you recognize the suckiness you don’t like about yourself and you do something about it. You’re awesome because you’re fighting for you, and because you know that there’s always room for improvement. You never rest on your laurels, but you also cut yourself some slack because you know you’re naturally not perfect.

Remember: you’re awesome because you suck and you know it well enough to want to do something about it.

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