(Not My) Fanfiction Friday: The Brothers Stark

Given recent events and the state of my health (which has always been an uncertain thing), I realized I couldn’t do a proper fanfic for this Fanfiction Friday.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m leaving you with no fannish goodness to read this week.

I don't suck.
Take THAT, inner critic!

BEHOLD! I give you…“What If Ned Stark and Tony Stark were Brothers?” by Charlie Jane Anders.

My favorite bits:


So when Lord Eddard sees Tony flying into King’s Landing, where Ned has just taken his new role as Hand of the King, his first words are “I like it not.” Tony comes spinning down over the Blackwater and glides down in a beautiful three-point landing in front of the Red Keep, only cracking half the stones in the process.


Ned starts to explain to Tony about duty, and about his need to investigate the death of Jon Arryn, the previous Hand, and Tony is all like “Hand, talk to the hand,” until he suddenly stops and wheels around.


And then Tony reveals, “I just blew up all my suits of armor. All 40 of them. It looked really cool.”

“Why did you do that?” Ned asks. “Did you do it because honor demands that you give your enemies an unfair advantage?”

“No,” Tony says.

“Did you do it because the man who passes the sentence must swing the blade?”

“No,” Tony says. “You see, I was with Lady Pepper, and she said she thought I was spending too much time working on my armors. So I blew them all up to show her how down to Earth I am.”


What do you think?

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