Just Watched: The Wolverine

Thank god for movies. Real life would have driven me absolutely crazy without them. Escapism is important, folks – and that’s why I watched “The Wolverine” yesterday.

Did it distract me from my apparently pointless woes? Why yes, yes it did.

Did I enjoy it? I actually did, in a really subdued way.

Was it better than “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”?

I didn’t know such a movie existed. Let us never speak of it again.

The movie wasn’t “OMG WHAT WAS THAT IT WAS SO AWESOME”, it also wasn’t a horribad catastrophe of epic proportions. In fact, I’d consider it a solid movie despite some of its problems with narrative flow due to the sheer number of details that you need to keep track of over the course of the film. And if you’re not a really big fan of Wolverine/Logan – which I’m not, before you ask – then you may struggle with some of the stuff that’s happening. Still, I appreciate the fact that this particular character stays consistent throughout the story, no matter how many curveballs the plot throws at him.

That said, I think that I would classify this movie as one of those films that are “necessary” in the context of the movie universe it moves in. In other words, it’s an alright movie – but I’m not sure I can confidently say that you won’t regret paying to see it.

If you don’t mind SPOILERS!!! then allow me to explain.

The Wolverine Poster
This won’t hurt, bub. (from Wikipedia)

What do you think?

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