Just Watched: The Wolverine

Would I read the book?

Frankly? No.

I think I got everything I needed to get out of this movie, and I’m not sure it would translate to a book well. Hell, I’m not even sure how well it would translate to comics. It was pretty darn effective in the medium it was in; I don’t think putting it in book or graphic novel form would add or remove anything from the narrative. Even the potential side stories you could have in the course of the narrative won’t draw me in because I think that the story is so solidly self-contained; any “extras” we put in there would feel like those villains that are only there so you could fight someone who isn’t even connected to the big bad BEFORE you fight the big bad.

Yeah, it could be confusing.

Genderbent Michaelangelo
As confusing as this gender-bent ninja turtle. #sorryimnotsorry (From Tumblr)

“The Wolverine”, as I have said before, is a NECESSARY narrative for the character because he’s moving from one “arc” to another; some things needed to be reconciled and this movie did that very well. Will everyone love it? Heck, no–when does that ever happen? But it does pave the way for new stories without disregarding continuity (VERY IMPORTANT).

I say watch however you can.

The Wolverine is still showing in various cinemas. If you’ve watched it, please do share your thoughts with me.

What do you think?

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