Can’t Stop Reading: Tor.Com

So I’ve been avoiding Tor.Com for years because I suspected it to be a time sink. Turns out I was right – Dad got me to read ONE post (the one about the many bromances of Neil Gaiman), and I pretty much found myself craving for a few more hits from this site. logo
DAMN YOU, TOR! (Or Dad?)

The motherlode is, of course, their rather generous collection of “rewatch” and “reread” posts. If you miss all your favorite geeky stuff but you don’t actually have time to marathon through all of them again, then this is the sort of thing you’ll be happy losing yourself in. Right now, I’m finding myself sucked into the Batman: The Animated Series Rewatch because REASONS. There are so many awesome things that I’ve forgotten about this show (THE LION AND THE UNICORN!), and it’s wonderful to revisit them through this site.

Given the fact that geeky news can be exhausting (or, as my grumpy old geek father would put it, “infuriating”), it’s nice to find a site that has several posts dedicated to more relaxing aspects of geekery – that is to say, rediscovering and re-immersing yourself in the stuff that you ALREADY like without worrying about other people potentially screwing stuff up. I don’t care what you say – many of the things here are as close to perfect as they could be, as far as I’m concerned. Even with their flaws, these old shows and books and the like remind me of a time when being a geek is largely about the love and less about the winning (over other ships, over “canon-ness”, and the like).

And before you say anything else: yes, I’m aware that TOR also delivers news. It’s just that…I don’t know why…but the news they deliver doesn’t make me as angry as the other news do.

It’s kind of nice.

What do you think?

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