Running on God-Knows-What

I’m typing this right before I go into my upcoming shift–which starts at one in the morning. By the time this gets published, I’ll be running on god-knows-what because I will have been awake for fourteen hours by then. FOURTEEN HOURS. Why do this, you ask? Because I need to do my job (2 am meetings are part of the job) and make sure that I can re-calibrate my body clock to go back to my usual hours for tomorrow.

Oh wait, I know what I’ll be running on by the time you read this. I’ll be running on fear because I’ll be watching The Conjuring with my friends. THAT will stop me from sleeping before 8 o’clock tonight.

EDIT: NOPE. The Conjuring apparently wasn’t on yet. So I just got a milkshake–the kind that does not bring boys to the yard–and went home to play Amnesia pack for the team outing.

I really suck
I really do.

What do you guys do on days when you need to change up your schedule for a couple of days? How do you manage to concentrate in situations like this?

What do you think?

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