Laziness Has Won

…sort of.

As you can see, there is no actual Fanfiction Friday today. Why? Because I was too lazy to write anything this week. I’m not blaming the rain for this, or the fact that I have my day job to worry about (because it’s totally my fault that I have extra work to do today on account of not paying close attention to what I was doing over the last few days – I have to double-check everything I’ve done). I’m admitting that I’ve let laziness win, and the consequences have affected this blog’s regular schedule.

Happy Koala
King Koala Approves

Strangely enough, I’m okay with this. I’m just taking a deep breath and then trying again. No use crying and all that jazz.

For now I’ll focus on regrouping, picking up a pen, and then trying to mind map my notes again.

But before I go, I gotta ask: what do you folks do when you get hit by the lazies?

What do you think?

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