Just Read: Gone Girl

Would I watch the film?

Actually, yes.

I don’t think that knowing how it ends would ruin it for me, and I’m really curious about how they’re planning to execute this whole thing. After all, Amy (who is not who she seems to everyone else) IS missing and Nick needs to be charming despite his flaws. Add to this the fact that a good chunk of the story is told in flashback and in retrospect can make restructuring this film a little tricky; there’s a chance that they will lose some of the success in the treatment it was given in the book.

That said, I have hopes for this one because they got Rosamund Pike to play Amy and Ben Affleck to play Nick. Hell to the yeah. I mean, I’m not excited about Mr. Affleck taking up the mantle of Batman because I’m not sure that he has the acting chops for that; but I know that he can KILL this part. He has just the right sort of boyish “I-can-get-away-with-anything” charm for it (I think it’s this same charm that made producers think of him when casting Bruce Wayne; but I still have my doubts). He has the kind of looks that makes the whole failed “good ol’ boy” writer seem believable. Meanwhile, I always thought of Ms. Pike as someone who can play both “girl next door” and “woman who has secrets”. In other words, PERFECT.

I’m not going to tell you to read the book before watching the movie (which doesn’t have a release date yet). But I suggest that you read this book at SOME point. Believe me, it will make you look at your relationships in a new light. And maybe you’ll be inclined to be much nicer.

Gone Girl is still available in bookstores everywhere.

What do you think?

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