Soldiering On

Here’s what’s on my plate right now:

  • Catching up with personal writing and blogging at home
  • Copyediting/Reviewing all the things at work
  • Learning about products that I can’t actually use
  • Shopping for materials that will make our superheroic bay decorations EPIC
  • Needing to pay for my credit card bill, due today, ARRIVED YESTERDAY

I’m hoping this won’t drive me insane, but I’m still weak from the cold (which I still have, though it’s less annoying now) and so very many things are happening.

Oh, did I mention that my beloved sister is having her birthday next week and I haven’t gotten her a present yet? Yeah, that (on top of the ridiculous bills we’ve been getting lately – I HATE YOU, MAYNILAD AND MERALCO) is getting to me too.

Iron Man Doujin
I know how you feel, effeminate doujinshi Iron Man. Abloobloobloo. ;_;

You’d think that the failing health of everyone at home (everyone seems to have a cough there) and the measly funds would make me reconsider my desire to go to the Manila International Book Fair (which starts tomorrow and ends Sunday). Nope, you’re wrong. I’m TOTALLY salivating at the thought of it. It’s my nature. There’s no use denying it – I’ve looked deep inside me, and I know this to be true: only the strongest plague will stop me from trying to go there.


I suppose this is me, soldiering on. Trying to practical without compromising my own happiness.

Is there a medal of honor for shit like this?

What do you think?

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