Changes (No, Not the Dresden Book)

*peeks in* Been a while, hasn’t it?

Of course it has! It’s been almost a month! Why did I disappear from WordPress? What made me come back? Will there be changes?

I suppose I should post some answers here:

  1. I disappeared from WordPress because I needed a break so I can devote more energy to resolving the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been riding in.
  2. I came back because I wasn’t resolving anything anyway, so I might as well get back to writing, if only so I can vent.
  3. Yes, there will be changes. Most of which has to do with my posting schedule.

I’m still not sure if I can tell you guys what caused the emotional rollercoaster, but I think I can tell you that it came to a head last Friday and it led me to drink several fancy glasses of margarita with a bunch of people I really like because we were all in shock. I can also tell you that it’s made me wonder if I should be a little more serious about doing this blog, at least when it comes to my overall discipline when it comes to posting here. You know what that means?

You guessed it. I’m thinking of putting this thing on a content calendar. Which means I have to do the following:

  • Compile all my posts on an Excel file, and see which ones people liked reading
  • Figure out WHY people liked reading those posts
  • Brainstorm topics that people might appreciate based on existing content and possibly Google Trends
  • Figure out when to post what
  • Actually fricking post when I tell myself I’m going to post

Of course, this means that I’ll scurry down my dark burrow for a few days again if only to complete that first bullet. But at least it’s a start.

Oh, and might as well throw this out there – if any of you guys think there should be articles I should write about on this blog, please share them in the comments section OR on my social media accounts.

I love you all, and may whatever deity up there have mercy on my sanity.

4 thoughts on “Changes (No, Not the Dresden Book)

  1. Hope your feeling better and what ever shit is going on I know you can get through it.

    Hmm don’t know if this would help but I’ll answr one of your questions.. Why do I read your blog. Cause your my friend and it makes me smile and miss you more since whenever I read your blog I can imagine you saying it over the phone or in person.

    Miss you dear

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