I Like Pink Things and I Cannot Lie

I’m back-ish, everyone! Can’t make any promises with regards to the consistency of my blogging (lately my free time has been devoted to eating, sleeping, and avoiding productivity), but I can at least vow to post whenever I can.

The truth is, I have other stuff to do right now, too. But this post has been knocking around my brain for days now, and I have no choice but to get it out and schedule it while I still have some access to the Internet (which I do not have at home; THANKS FOR WARNING US PLDT).



I really REALLY like pink things.

Pink Collage
Not fully captured: my pink Nintendo 3DS, which my boyfriend bought for me. Also not pictured: my pink yoga mat, which I bought in an attempt to get more exercise.

Never really wanted to admit how much – especially back in high school, when I fancied myself “goth”. But now that I’ve grown up and have access to money that I can spend, I found myself unashamedly gravitating towards pink items. I don’t buy all of them myself, of course (the bag was from a secret Santa – I really love the bag, RR! – and the wallet was from my mom and sister), but many of the things I get lean into this spectrum of color.

Don’t get me wrong. I like other colors too – I like reds, greens and dark oranges as well as blacks, grays, and browns in my clothes – but when it comes to technology or things associated with practicality, I go Fifty Shades of Pink. Not really clear on why that’s so, but my working theory is that it makes technology less intimidating and practicality more fun. My other theory is that I’m a princess, who will probably be some kind of fantastical or intergalactic queen someday (at which point I will gravitate more towards the color white).

Princess Collage
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of this. And I know that the Galinda comparison  is not entirely accurate, but I really just like seeing her.

Either way, seeing pink just makes me feel confident whenever I have to do something difficult – like perform unfamiliar tasks or study complicated subjects. Something about it reminds me of being alive.

What’s YOUR favorite color? Do you surround yourself with that too?

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