HaikuDeck Made the Rain Go Away for Me

I needed to take a break from all the gloom and doom this day has brought me, so I decided to play around with HaikuDeck. It totally made me feel better after my (admittedly stupid) decision to come to work today despite the trees falling over and the flying tin roofs.

I am not kidding about those, by the way. I live in the Philippines, which is occasionally known for being pummeled by terrifying typhoons.

Why do I always do this to myself? Oh yeah, loyal employee and all that jazz. Still…

I should have stayed home and slept like Murdoch the kitty.
I should have stayed home and slept like Murdoch the kitty.

But back to HaikuDeck. I first came across the name about ago, when someone in my G+ circles gave it rave reviews. As I was really busy at the time, I put it in the backburner. I checked it out a few days ago, thought it was interesting, but didn’t really play around with it because I didn’t know what to do with it.

Today, I did. I used it to make myself an embarrassing inspirational slideshow that will help me feel better about coming in today despite all advice (not to mention my own desire) to do the contrary, which I would like to inflict on share with you:

There is no sun.

I totally recommend that you try out HaikuDeck because I’m sure that you can do better than I did. Feel free to share your decks with me!

What do you think?

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