When Terrified, LoveMeow will Help You

In a little over an hour, I’ll need to head out to meet a nice lady named Evangeline so I can figure out my finances – a result of several months of contemplating my future, a future that involves a shitload of house repairs and the comfort of my family. It’s become clear that my savings account won’t be able to cut it, and my current time deposit account is…a shaky arrangement (I’d rather not get into that, as it’s complicated). It’s also become clear that if I want to someday leave the corporate life (which I don’t right now, but might at some point in the distant future), I need to get my economic affairs in order.

Like most people living in a capitalist society rife with inequity, the subject of money tends to make me extremely nervous. And when I’m nervous, I tend to brainfart. I brainfart in the most embarrassing ways. My family can confirm this, and so can many of my close friends. In fact, I’m pretty sure that a good number of my weird nerve-inspired non-sequiturs have offended them (but that’s probably my imagination getting to me). That, in turn, makes me even MORE nervous. I don’t want to say stupid things in front of a stranger who’s supposed to help me with MONEY. We’re supposed to be on serious business. I can’t make offhand comments about prostitution (don’t ask).

With this scary thing looming over me, I’ve turned to the only thing that has consistently calmed me down:

Itim the Black Kitty
It’s me again!

Yes, it’s cats. Specifically, heartwarming cat stories care of LoveMeow. I’m sure cat lovers like me will agree that it’s difficult to be terrified when you’re looking at teeny kittens cuddling with huge horses, or amazing animal rescues.

So until I need to leave, I’ll keep peeking at these stories to keep my nerves in check.

What helps YOU quell your nerves?

What do you think?

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