A Few Readables

This is a very VERY short post, mainly because my brain has been squeezed fairly dry from some of the stuff that I’d had to do (which includes catching up with some writing in the wake of a long weekend involving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – the review will be up soon – and the spaying of a young cat, as well as a small victory in the form of finally becoming AdWords certified). So needless to say, I’m kind of on zombie mode right now.


Zombified Elea
When I remove the make-up I look as dead as I feel (old photo, but still apt)


But I’m not so zombified that I’d let posting on this blog slide, especially when I managed to find time to log in. So to make up for the total blah-ness that I’ve been giving you guys, I’m sharing some interesting reads that I found on the Internet (thanks, Internet!).

  • Lev Grossman on discovering he’s a fantasy writer – I’m a little bit obsessed with Lev Grossman lately, with the release of Magician’s Land. Every time I see something written by him on my Facebook feed, I click on. And I never regret it.
  • On making sure your ideas don’t die – I’ve been making a conscious effort to get past my natural laziness and write as much as I can in my free time, and (ironically) reading articles like this while trying to avoid writing actually helps kick things into gear for me.
  • On cultivating an instinct for writing – Not everything he says here will probably work out for me, but at least it makes me think about my own approach to writing my stuff (which could only be charitably described as “erratic”).
  • Equoid – They’ve just released the list of Hugo winners, and I’m trying to check out the works that were recognized. This was one of them (and it’s certainly entertaining).
  • Tentative research on what gets self-published books bought – Very limited, but nevertheless interesting piece on self-published book marketability. Found it intriguing, since I’m planning to self-publish somewhere down the road.

Hope you enjoy these!


Do you have any other readables to recommend? Do feel free to share them!


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