Drowning Myself in Dresden

Because I’ve been sick for a while, I found myself cutting back on more and more of my extra-employment activities (such as learning how to code and doing a full-on face cleanup routine every night). I haven’t stopped writing, but I limit myself to my nightly journal writing and my thrice-a-week blogging regimen – I haven’t really written any fiction since last week. What I HAVE been doing a lot of lately is catching up on my Dresden Files re-read.

I finally FINALLY got to Cold Days. I should be reading the latest installment (Skin Game) by next week.

(image care of imgflip)

Of course, as exciting as this book series is, I am totally aware that my brain is prone to getting bored – and that could get in the way of my reading progress. Which is why I’ve figured out a new way to motivate met to read as much Dresden as I can:

I will watch all the Dresden Fan Videos

Every time my brain says “nope, you better stop reading”, I will go to YouTube, type in “Dresden fan videos” and get those suckers to jumpstart my desire to read again.

This is clearly one of the many MANY perks of liking a book series with a fairly rabid fanbase. Even if you run out of books (or run out of steam trying to read the books), you’ll find something to keep the flames of ferocious fandom glowing – and it’s GLORIOUS.

Wanna see my favorite Dresden Files fan vids?

You may be a long-time fan or completely unaware of this series; but if you’re a fan of comedy and urban fantasy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these videos either way. These can be somewhat spoiler-y, but I like to think that they’re spoilers that will make you go “wait, WHAT? how does THAT happen?”

At the moment, I’ve only seen TWO major efforts towards bringing Harry Dresden to life (I’m not counting the Syfy one, I CAN’T), and I just…I just want other people to see them.

Tower of Turtles’ “Night Light”

This one is a very loose adaptation of the book “White Night”, and I think this is a decent (albeit more serious) take on Dresden – audio issues and semi-hokey sound effects aside. And guess what? It has a SEQUEL coming up! If you have the time, you should also check out their short “A Carpenter Christmas”. Because Maaaaaaeeeeeeeve!

Find out more about Tower of Turtles.

All the Dresden Files Fan Filming Videos

Like most people, I first came across these guys when they did the book trailer for Skin Game. Oh, there may be quibbles about casting; but it’s pretty undeniable that they cast a guy who can do Harry Dresden’s sense of humor some major justice. Matthew Merback is to Harry what Andrew Garfield is to Spider-Man, as far as I’m concerned.

Check out more of their stuff on the official Dresden Files Fan Filming Facebook page.

So. Much. Fun. ❤

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