Taking a Deep Breath

This’ll be a quick one, because things have been coming up and I barely have time to draft these things these days.

I came from an appointment with the doctor yesterday, a follow-up to last week’s consult (during which I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis that exacerbated my existing bronchial asthma); now I’m scheduled for a spiro-something test that will try to see how badly my asthma – which has not been checked out by a doctor since I was in elementary – has affected my ability to breathe properly. Thank god for HMOs. I’d be living in a ditch without those handy things.

Iron Man Doujin
I know how you feel, effeminate doujinshi Iron Man. Abloobloobloo. ;_;

I’m hoping that it’s not too bad, though. I wouldn’t want to (ironically) be deemed incapable of staying at my job. Not that I have a strenuous job, mind. It’s the commute that’s likely to kill me. Ask any person living in the Philippines, and you’ll understand that public transportation here can be a bloodbath at best and a massacre at worst.

Yeah. There’s hardly any difference between the good days and the bad days.

So that’s why I’m taking a deep breath for now. No use thinking about the bad stuff that could happen later. It’s best that I square my shoulders, exhale through the mouth and inhale through the nose, slather some White Flower on various bits of my flesh, and get my mind back on the Excel sheets (or my notebook, depending what time of day it is). Heck, maybe I’ll even have time to read myself some Dresden Files – I FINALLY got to Skin Game, and will likely have a review for that by next week.

But for now…*snorts some White Flower*

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