This Is What Procrastination Does to Me

I was SUPPOSED to post the Skin Game review today, except I haven’t really written it yet.

Rather, I have drafted the notes but I haven’t really cleaned them up because PROCRASTINATION. There is no defense this time. I have allowed the Gods of Laziness and Distractions to take over my life. Granted, my distractions included things like making progress in video games in my backlog mountain, sleep, and Doctor Who; but I really have no good excuse for havign that up.

I really suck
I really do.

I haven’t even caught up with my personal emails yet, because didn’t check them over the weekend. And now I’m busy with my day job. Yaaaaaaay me.

I’ll try to get the review out by tomorrow (even if it means losing sleep tonight). But right now it’s job stuff with the occasional peek into Kotaku and the apparently terrifying world of politics in the SF/F writing world. I’m not kidding; it looks like no one can enjoy writing SF/F anymore because politics kept being dragged into the fore. D:

Heh. Even procrastination stresses me out

Ah well. *dives back out* 

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