Just Read: Skin Game (Dresden Files)

Would I watch the movie?

I would watch the ENTIRE series of movies, actually. Especially if they were done by DF3. That cast is SO cool. Their Michael Carpenter even did an epic NSFW/NSFSanity ALS challenge thinger:


Seriously, though, I think this really will work better as a TV series instead of a movie. There’s just too much that needs to be covered in order for this to work as a movie franchise.

And yes, I know that we already HAD a Dresden TV series starring Laurel Lance’s “worst cop ever” dad on “Arrow”. But that show somehow didn’t feel as Dresden Files-y as it could have been. If it had been a more faithful adaptation, well…

WHEEEEEEEEEEE (image from http://thelookofjoy.com)

If I were to believe the Jim Butcher site, the next book’s tentative title is “Peace Talks”. I wait with bated breath.

And I’ll probably re-read the series over and over again.

This, and all the previous Dresden Files books, are available at all bookstores, including online stores like Book Depository and Amazon.

What do you think?

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