On Signing Up for Writing 101 – Free-Writing Assignment

So I signed up for Writing 101 over at the Daily Post, even though I know that I’m seriously overwhelmed – not just by the stuff that I have to do, but by the stuff that I want to do, too. Why? Because I’m a crazy diamond who wants to shine on! And I also know that I’m a whining whiner who whines a lot about not knowing what to write most of the time.

Wouldn’t you know it? I started late (because I got distracted, as expected). But I’m not giving up! I’m posting the first writing assignmnent – a free-writing piece – here for all to see.

Prepare for incoherence (and typos).

(Image by Caleb George)

The Highways, The Low Ways

She called herself Lucy, because it sounded about right. It wasn’t a name her mother would have chosen; and her father would not have considered it at all. But it was a good name. A safe name.

It’s a name that lets you hide.

Except that Lucy wasn’t really hidden right now. In fact, she was the center of some very uncomfortable attention as she stood at the side of the freeway trying to open the trunk of her black rental car. Her hands shook as she tried to shove the key into the hole, wondering if she’s made a terrible mistake. She needed to be quick. They might find her. They might find them.

She finally managed to open the trunk and pull out the replacement tire.

Her heart sank. The tire is flat.

She checked her mobile phone again. Still dead.

She threw the tire back into the trunk and slammed it shut. She saw a pair of huge dark eyes staring at her from the car’s back windshield, and willed herself to breathe and smile.

“Sorry ’bout that, baby,” she said as she opened the door. “It looks like we’ll have to walk.”

Her son thought his name was Chris – it was a good COMMON name. He was born with another one, a much better one, and Lucy’s insides contracted at the memory of that old name. She sat next to the child in the back seat, kept the door open so they won’t suffocate. “Is it okay if you carry Mr. Grandvi while we find someone who’ll help?”

The boy’s eyes shone with regal seriousness as he nodded and picked up his knapsack and teddy bear. “I can carry your bag too, Momma,” he lisped.

Just then, a car parked in front of theirs. A large man disembarked, strode to their car. He leaned over the hood of the car, casting a long dark shadow.

“Hey,” he said casually. “Need any help?”

Lucy could only stare at the purple whorls peeking out of his collar and cuffs.

Oh no. They’ve FOUND her.

2 thoughts on “On Signing Up for Writing 101 – Free-Writing Assignment

  1. I liked this. It was very mysterious, with just enough information to make the reader curious. I was already trying to figure out what was going on with the main character. Good job.

    God bless you,

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