Writing 101: Point of View – Triangles

I’m actually writing this on the day before it will be posted (because I expect to do other things that will be putting me off a writing mood by the time Friday comes around for me). Thankfully, Rurouni Kenshin reinvigorated my brain enough to make this possible-ish.

Not stellar, but better this than nothing.

The Daily Post Challenge I’ll be tackling today involves writing different points of view. They’ve suggested a scene with it, but I’m not quite sure how to make it work for me at the moment. So I’m doing another scene instead.

Here’s hoping this post won’t make you want to throw up.


Jules folded the triangular flaglets with his full concentration. He’d rather not think of anything other than the task at hand, because to pay attention to anything else means that there will be an ERROR. There is nothing more terrible than mismatched flaglets for a fiesta; they may come in different colors, but they need to be the exact same size and shape – otherwise, they can detract from the entire joyous experience.

Instead of enjoying the punch or savoring the food, they will keep looking at the decor and say “Hey, doesn’t that flaglet look lopsided to you?” and everything will be ruined.

He can’t let that happen. He puts the ruler on the thick paper, marking out precise measurements with a very sharp pencil.


Carradine tries to fold the paper one-handed; the other hand is devoted to smoking. He tries to not curse at Jules for dragging him into this, and mainly succeeds. His only revenge is the complete lack of devotion he puts into the entire task.

He’s only here because he owed the guy a favor. He never thought that the favor would involve stupid paper folding and cutting. He simply assumed that Jules would cash it in for something more dramatic, like beating up someone for him, or stealing some Mountain Dew from the office cafeteria. Instead, he was asked to help decorate for the department’s Christmas party. Christ.

He glanced at his other companion, Sylvia. Well. At least company hottie Sylvia is stuck with them, too. It doesn’t seem so bad.


Sylvia watches Jules surreptitiously, trying to copy exactly what he’s doing without being obvious. This was never her strong point, crafts, but she’s already volunteered – albeit accidentally – and there’s no point in doing something if she’s going to screw it up, especially if it means that she loses to HIM.

Of course, anything she does can’t possibly be as bad as what Carradine is working on – the asshole isn’t even trying. But that’s still no excuse to not make an effort. Her career depends on doing well here (HR had told her the last time they passed her over that she has no teamwork skills, making her unqualified for a promotion). So she’s going to fold and cut perfect fucking triangles, if it’s the last thing she’ll do.

She showed her work to Jules, pitching her voice in a way that made her sound friendly. He ignored her.


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