Writing 101 – Childhood Treats

So the challenge I’m taking on today is about childhood treats; or at least, things that make me think of celebration.

Pfft. This is FAR from easy, because there are so many things that I think of as “celebration food” – especially from childhood, when I still had a grandma who enjoyed cooking tons of food for Christmas and birthday bashes. I could go on and on about morcon and scalloped potatoes (“when in doubt, add more cheese”). I fuckin’ love those.

Surprisingly, though, they’re not what I associate with special occasions. What I crave for when I need to celebrate something is a slice (okay, SEVERAL slices) of my favorite cake: blueberry cheesecake.

Isn’t it awesome? (image from http://highdesertvapes.com)

I don’t even remember when I first tasted this wonder of wonders; I only vaguely remember one of my favorite aunts sharing the refrigerator cake recipe with my mom. All know is that when I barely want anything else on my birthday. If I absolutely needed to have a birthday cake, I almost always expect it to be a blueberry cheesecake.

Maybe it’s because I love the taste of blueberry preserves, or it’s because mom used copious amounts of cream cheese when she used to make it (if it isn’t obvious yet, I’m a huge fan of cheese), with some nice buttery graham crackers (I am also a fan of butter). Maybe it’s because I’d gotten sick of sponge-based cakes by the time I first had this wonder, or it’s because it’s the first time I actually tasted blueberries in any form. Either way, I feel like the sugary-fruity sweetness coupled with salty-tangy-creamy goodness is the best way to remind yourself that everything is perfect in the world.

There are other food that I enjoy that involve cream cheese or blueberries; but I don’t think any of them combines those two things as well as the blueberry cheesecake does. The first time I had a forkful of this, felt the soft creamy texture of the cake mashing against the crumbly base on my tongue while little bombs of syrupy berries exploded against the roof of my mouth. There’s no other way to describe it: this is a SPECIAL cake.

Oh, I liked black forest (CHERRIES!) and red velvet (INDULGENCE!), too. But they never really felt as decadent. The experiences I had with them were not the same.

Dammit. Now I want some blueberry cheesecake.

What’s YOUR favorite childhood treat?

What do you think?

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