Project for the Week: Adventure

So in my previous post, I decided to complete a creative project this week – a poem.

I am also very much aware that this poem is not the best poem ever. But the point of the exercise is FINISHING, so here it is.

I guess this is as finished as it can get.

I hope this doesn’t ruin anyone’s day.

Photo by DTL, found via Morguefile


I know the mountain ranges of your hands –

I recognize their tectonic texture

I have climbed up their collisions,

rappelled down their canyons,

trekked through their valleys

I know

that the peaks of your experience

rise through the plains

of the child you once were;

that the dips of your disappointments are now pools

of your calm

I live, my love, in the landscape of your hands

and mean to leave trails for you to wear well

What do you think?

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