A Brief Break from Creative Blogging + An Anniversary

This week, I’m taking a break from my self-imposed creative blogging challenge. Why? Because my well needs replenishing.

Also, today is my 6-year anniversary with the significant other. We got together on a Friday, and it makes me feel more than a little nostalgic. We won’t be celebrating until tomorrow, but I still can’t help but attribute some weird kind of romantic reverence to this day. That first time, we rode the train (before it was the monster commute it became) and ate Italian food and I think I got sick.

But I was giddy as heck because this guy I really like asked me out. Let me revel in that for this week. Let me immerse myself in the fact that for six years (so far, I hope) I’m with a guy who gets angry at me when I call myself stupid and who has the funniest Godzilla headcanon I’ve ever heard.

Allow me to be sappy here. Image from http://makezine.com

Lord knows I don’t always make him happy, and he sometimes drives me nuts. But here we are. I’m glad that we’re still us, somehow. I’m hoping I can balance myself out enough in the face of the many (shocking) changes in my life so I can spend more quality time with him again.

So yeah. I’m taking a break from writing “creatively” so I can be unapologetically sappy over a man who keeps me from doing anything harmfully crazy.

It’s not like loving someone (weird expressions of it notwithstanding) isn’t worth celebrating. 🙂

What do you think?

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