Poesy – A Poem

April is Poetry Month in America! And while it’s true that I live in the Philippines, my job requires me to celebrate US holidays rather than local holidays (no time off for me this Holy Week) so I see no reason why I shouldn’t join in on the fun.

I can’t promise to write a poem a day this month. But I will try. And I hope some of you out there will try it with me. I definitely encourage you to share your work in the comments section. They don’t have to be the best verses ever, because I’m hardly talented myself. The point is to celebrate poesy at its finest. To that end, I hope you find some measure of enjoyment in the piece below.

And I hope to read from you soon, whoever you are and wherever you’re from.


is the dark exhale that grasps

for wilted lungs,

the sound of a mountain echo

of a breath

of a song unsung

What do you think?

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