Legends of Tomorrow: Let’s Have an Awesome (Alternate) Time(line)

Full disclosure: while I tend to complain about some things that DC does, I’m still a fan of their superhero stories when I feel like they’re doing most of it right. With the upcoming (here, at least) finale of “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow”, I totally see myself loving their TV stuff all over again.

(I’m reserving judgment re: “Batman vs Superman” until I see it.)

I saw the official trailer for “Legends of Tomorrow” on Friday, Manila time, and spent most of the weekend geeking out over it (with my father and sister, naturally).

Wait, you haven’t watched it yet? HOW DARE YOU. Watch it first:

Done? Okay, cool.

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? THIS SHOW WILL HAVE CRAPLOADS OF TIME TRAVEL IN IT, with the adventures apparently being led by a former Time Lord companion (brilliant piece of casting, by the way—good job, CW!). You know what Time Travel does? It gives us alternate timelines. We’ve already had a glimpse of how that works in episodes 15 and 16 of “The Flash”, in which Barry goes back 24 hours to stop horrible things from happening—including a horrifyingly contrived confession of love from Iris.

I know she’s end game, but that doesn’t make her any less annoying. (Image from http://arrow.wikia.com)

PS: Don’t complain about that whole “confession” thing being a spoiler. It happened weeks ago and you should have at least heard about it by now.

But let’s get back to the point: we KNOW that time travel and alternate timelines are a thing in the DC-CW universe thanks to “The Flash”, and “Legends of Tomorrow” will have time adventures galore. This, in turn, opens up possibilities for other potential realities…

One of which might actually be the freaking LoT timeline itself.

Of course I’ll explain my convoluted theories/fannish wishes; but this might contain spoilers. Do some plotty catching up for “Arrow” and “The Flash” before continuing to read.

If you’re caught up (or don’t mind spoilers), then read on, my friend!

Let’s start with what “The Flash” finale promises to give us…

At the time of this post’s writing, we can confirm that lovable TV Flash Barry Allen will go back far enough into the past to see his mom (but apparently not stop her death):

There’s no way that going this far won’t change things in a big way! In fact, it’s also been confirmed that Flash Gang member Caitlin will become Killer Frost and there have been hints Cisco will become Vibe soon enough. Given how far back Barry went, it’s perfectly possible that in Season 2, SEASON 1 NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

(Of course that you would be sad, because I love the Flash Gang and their scientifically magical friendship in Season 1. I mean, they could still be friends; but they probably won’t be the friends they were in the “original timeline”.)

Then there are my many questions from the “Legends of Tomorrow” trailer…

Apart from that, we also know from the recent “Arrow” finale that Ollie Queen’s hung up his costume to run off with Felicity Smoak (who started out lovable but became more annoying the more love interest-y she got—but I digress). But if you look at the LoT trailer, you’ll see him back in full gear.

You might be tempted to claim that it’s perfectly possible for Ollie to take up being the Arrow again, but I have to ask—why the HELL would he want to? And why would you think that changes to the timeline will be limited to “The Flash” when “Arrow” is set in the same universe?

And then there are the other little details in the LoT trailer that jumped out at me:

  • WHERE’S RONNIE? From what we’ve seen before, he and Professor Stein have a device that allows them to stay separate (only joining to become Firestorm). When they’re merged, we often see Ronnie’s form and not Stein’s. Why is the professor in that shady rooftop meeting alone? Or is he really alone?
  • WHITE CANARY? REALLY?! Look, I know that the Lazarus Pit exists in Arrow. I know it’s miraculous. The thing is, I don’t think it’s THAT miraculous. By the end of the latest season of “Arrow” Sarah Lance had been dead for months. Her body would have been rotting by then. I don’t think submerging her in there would work, no matter how much Nyssa would want it to.
  • HOW EXACTLY DOES HAWKGIRL FIT INTO THIS? I know, I know. It’s hypocritical of me to ask how she fits in when we have metahumans and time travel going on. But the thing is, everything so far in the “Arrow” and “The Flash” universes can be explained as “super advanced science”. Yes, even the Lazarus Pit. Meanwhile, Hawkgirl is either mystical or an alien with her “past lives” thing. I know it works in comics, but I’m not sure it will work on TV unless everything was retconned so that the advanced science came from aliens all along™.

But really, the idea of people from an alternate timeline exploring OTHER alternate timelines is cool

If I’m right and LoT lets the characters interact with different potential realities, then we’re in for an incredibly fun time. It might also give the stars of these various CW shows a chance to stretch themselves by playing different versions of their characters (it’s possible that we’ll already see that with Caitlin and Cisco/Killer Frost and Vibe—who’s to say it would be limited to them?).

Of course, I know I’ll enjoy this show even if it DOESN’T tackle alternate timelines. Captain Cold’s drawl alone is gold, and I’m happy to see Brandon Routh in a superhero role again. But a fangirl can dream.

What do you think of the Legends of Tomorrow trailer? Let me know in the comments section!

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