Fan Wishes: Alternate Universes I Hope to God Happen in CW

I interrupt our regular poetic programming to babble about my current fannish obsession with the CW show “The Flash”. This was written/drafted yesterday. Apologies for the gibbering, and I promise there will be poetry next week.

If you guys remember, I was excited about the concept of alternate timelines in the CW heroes universe earlier this week. And while stuff didn’t happen exactly the way I thought they would, I was still excited at the way it all turned out.

I have seen the futur—okay no, not really. I’ve seen the finale of CW’s “The Flash”, which basically amounts to me seeing multiple POTENTIAL futures/alternate realities a la Vibe (oh hey, Cisco Ramon!). And I guess that’s good enough.

Of course, I’m probably not seeing actual potential futures. These are probably just things that I want the various superhero series showrunners to actually do. I don’t EXPECT them to do all this; I will just love them forever if this is, in fact, what will happen in the wake of that Flash finale.

Even if it WAS a cliffhanger (DAMMIT!).

Happy Koala
King Koala Approves

So what are the timeline divergences I’m hoping they’d tackle? Well…(spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched the finale)

A reality in which the REAL Harrison Wells is still alive 

We’re bound to find ONE universe in which this guy wasn’t the hapless victim of a speed-crazy time traveler. And I really hope we get to see him.

In fact, I have very specific fan wishes covering this:

  • He’d still be responsible for meta-humans, but this time he genuinely wants to make up for his mistakes
  • He’d be working with Professor Stein from the beginning (which would still result in Stein becoming Firestorm, but not necessarily a version that requires Ronnie Raymond)

Caveat: I am aware that in this reality, the Flash Gang might not include Caitlin and Cisco (in my fan-brain, they’re likely Killer Frost and Vibe in this universe; one going full-villain because Ronnie didn’t survive and the other going underground to try and figure out ALL his inconsistent memories). But if I get to see at least one episode exploring this, I’ll be joyous as hell.

An episode where all the speedsters team up/stand together

This is probably cheating because the guys who run “The Flash” have already said they want to bring in more fast guys in season 2. But they haven’t said anything about team-ups, and they haven’t confirmed that they would explore speedsters other than Bart Allen, Wally West, and Jay Garrick (we know he’s going to show up because HIS HAT DID).

Specifically, I’m interested to see universes that cover:

  • A reality in which Barry’s father was the original Flash and Barry started out as Kid Flash
    • Side note: just imagine the 90’s Flash TV show as CANON in one reality!
  • A reality in which Eddie Thawne becomes a present-day Reverse Flash
  • A reality in which Barry himself is the Reverse Flash (and in which Eobard is the good guy)

There are so many other possibilities that I probably haven’t thought of. Either way, I’d like to see an episode WHERE ALL OF THESE GUYS WORK TOGETHER.

An entire half season focused on ONE alternate timeline (any of the CW hero shows)

Hear me out.

I’ve been a writer most of my life and a fangirl (of all sorts of things) for even longer than that. Some of my absolute favorite alternate universe stories are the ones that take their time exploring the “what ifs” and the “could have beens”. Sure, you could opt to write just ONE episode in which a character gets transplanted from his or her reality to another one where very different choices were made—the other leg of the Pratchettian trousers of time, so to speak. But think of all the different themes you can cover on the premise of making one tiny change!

  • One in which Barry chooses to NOT be where he was when the particle accelerator shockwave hits him
  • One in which Barry tells Iris that he’s The Flash from the very beginning
  • One in which Ollie chooses to be Ra’s Al Ghul’s heir (for realsies!)
  • One in which Ollie tells Thea all his secrets from the get-go (because for god’s sake it gets annoying when she whines)

I know, these are silly what if scenarios. But they can amount to some really big changes to the dynamics.

Hell, a reality in which we get to reboot the sh*t out of “Arrow” would be great (sorry, Dad)

As beloved as “Arrow” may have become to fans, I can’t help but feel like it’s been played out.

Full disclaimer, I’m not as interested in this show as I am in “The Flash”. Dad’s a big fan of Amell and his character Ollie (oddly enough NOT the superhero he plays), but I can’t get into it unless John Barrowman or Alex Kingston show up because LOOK AT THEM:

I’m not saying that the show is bad. I’m just saying that it could benefit from a reboot.

For example, Laurel Lance is a very annoying character. She got slightly better after her sister Sarah died, but not by much. A reboot can make her not so annoying in the first place. I mean, there are some possibilities off the top of my head that can make her a little more awesome than she had been in the beginning:

  • Maybe instead of Sarah, Laurel could have been in the boat with Ollie and would have been the original Canary all along
  • Or maybe Black Canary could have been both Sarah and Laurel working together (pretending to be the same vigilante)
  • Heck, their MOM could have been the original Black Canary
  • Or maybe Laurel could have gone straight to a life of violence rather than going through an “addict” period first
  • Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t hurt if she had been ACTUALLY A GOOD LAWYER (seriously, I’m not even sure how she ended up being an assistant district attorney)
  • Sure, Iris West is much MUCH worse. But Laurel has shown some potential over the last season. It would be a shame for all that to be a complete waste.

(Side note: please make Iris West more interesting if you’re doing a Flash timeline reboot. I BEG OF YOU, CW!)

Of course, I understand that we’ve already set up stuff with Merlyn being the new Ra’s and other villains being mentioned. But let’s face it: it would be a LOT more interesting if they start from scratch.

Other things that I wish this multiverse can cover (but probably won’t)

  • Explaining how the show “Supergirl” is supposed to work (really, how?)
  • Making it so that “Gotham” will never happen
  • John Diggle as Green Lantern (because it broke my heart when this didn’t happen)

I have more ridiculous ideas, but I’d rather keep them to myself.

Have you watched the Flash finale? What do you think will happen next? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

What do you think?

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